Clinical News from Canada
and Around the World
  March 2019 • Volume 6 Issue 3

Physician Burnout Rates On The Rise

A survey that measured burnout rates between 2014 and 2017 found that rates increased from 40.6% to 45.6% respectively, with early-career physicians more susceptible than midcareer and late-career physicians. JAMA Network Open Read more

Elderly Men Undertreated for Osteoporosis

Researchers report that osteoporosis medication use in men aged ≥ 70 was significantly less than in women, 25.2% vs 44.3% respectively. Physician’s Briefing Read more

Oscillometric Devices Offer Accurate Way to Measure BP

In this scientific statement from the American Heart Association, authors state that fully automated oscillometric devices capable of taking multiple readings, even without an observer being present, may provide a more accurate measure of blood pressure than auscultation. American Heart Association Journals Read more

Ultrasonography of Calcaneus Efficient for Screening Bone Health

This study compared dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) with calcaneus ultrasonography (US) and concluded that US provided a low-cost, efficient means to screen bone health. The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association Read more


ColonCancerCheck Recommendations for Post-Polypectomy Surveillance


Clinical Practice Guideline on the Use of First Trimester Ultrasound


The College of Family Physicians of Canada – Best Advice Guide: Recovery-Oriented Mental Health and Addiction Care in the Patient’s Medical Home

Canadian Conference of Physician Leadership (CCPL)

  Apr 26-27, 2019   Montreal, Quebec
Ontario Medical Association Annual General Meeting

  May 2-5, 2019   Ottawa, Ontario
Canadian Women in Medicine Annual Conference

  Jun 6-8, 2019   Toronto, Ontario
CMA Health Summit – Connected in Care

  Aug 12-13, 2019   Toronto, Ontario