Clinical News from Canada
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  February 2019 • Volume 6 Issue 2

Progress in Development of New Antibacterial Agents

The Infectious Diseases Society of America’s review of antibiotic drugs in the development pipeline, and those approved since 2012, showed that the previous decline in new products has been reversed. While the number of new antibiotics approved annually increased, it should be noted that the majority are modifications of existing chemical classes. The challenges posed by bacterial multidrug resistance continues to require an increase in the pace of research and development. Clinical Infectious Diseases Read more

Aspirin to Prevent Colon Cancer Underutilized in High-risk Patients

The US Preventative Services Task Force concluded that aspirin reduces the risk of colorectal cancer and recommended it for patients with advanced colorectal polyps. Data published in the American Journal of Medicine recently demonstrated that only 42.9% of patients with colorectal polyps reported taking aspirin. American Journal of Medicine Read more

Low Serum Vitamin D May Be Tied to High Blood Glucose Levels in Women

A recent cross-sectional study of women 35 to 74 years of age evaluated the association between vitamin D deficiency and increased glycemia. Researchers collected fasting blood samples and measured levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and glucose. An association was demonstrated between lower serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and high blood glucose levels. Menopause Read more


Referral of Suspected Lung Cancer by Primary Care Practitioners


ASH 2018 Guidelines for Management of Venous Thromboembolism: Optimal Management of Anticoagulation Therapy


Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines - 2018

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