Clinical News from Canada’s Medical Associations & Healthcare Companies
October 2017 • Volume 4 Issue 6

Summary of the NACI Update on the Recommended Use of Hepatitis B Vaccine

Substance Use in Pregnancy

Follow-up Care for Survivors of Prostate Cancer – Clinical Management: a Program in Evidence‑Based Care Systematic Review and Clinical Practice Guideline


Upcoming November Activities:

Nov 1 or 22: IDEAS - Foundations of Quality Improvement Program
Nov 11: Persistent Post-Surgical Pain- A Model for the Study of Chronic Pain
Nov 15: Evidence-Based Management of the Diabetes Epidemic
Nov 17: Clinical Day in Rheumatology, ‘The Pearls You Need To Know’
Nov 22: 14th Annual Innovations in Palliative Care
Nov 29: 7th Annual Update in Geriatrics - Drugs and the Elderly

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16th International Conference and Exhibition on Obesity & Weight Management   Nov 13‑15, 2017   Atlanta, Georgia
International Conference on Diabetes, Metabolism & Obesity   Nov 16‑17, 2017   Las Vegas, Nevada
Working Together: Integrating Mental Health and Medical Care   Nov 17‑18, 2017   Boston, Massachusetts